British birds

As part of our science topic we have been looking at the different types of birds found in the U.K and which of those we would find in our local parks. We first looked at how they are different from each other and listened to their bird song and then we had a guess which birds we might see whilst out on our playground. So we went out bird spotting and we saw a magpie, seagull and a blackbird.


Types of houses and homes

Today in geography we have been learning about the different types of houses and homes and what types of houses surround our school. We decided that some of us would like to live in a bungalow or on a boat and that some of us would like to live in a big detached house! We went outside to see what houses were around school and found out that they are terraced houses. We got to sketch them and look carefully at some of the features. We then went into class and made a 3D terraced and semi detached house.


Martin Mere

What a fantastic day year 1 have had today on their school trip to Martin Mere. First we stopped off and fed the ducks some breakfast and got to look at them up close. Next we went pond dipping and caught ram horn snails, pond snails, water louse and even a fish! We had to use special,pond nets to catch them and made sure we kept them in water so they would survive. After that we learned all about birds and how they are different to us, we got to dance like a flamingo and walk like a duck. Next we went and fed the ducks their lunch and they kept following us around the park! We got to see baby flamingos and they were grey! We got to see the different types of ducks and watch closely how they move about.Then it was lunch time and we all a enjoyed eating our lunch whilst watching the ducks outside. After lunch it was time to go on the play area and we had so much fun! We went on the slides, a zip wire, the ropes and even a special swing. Finally it was home time and we were so tired on the coach that some of us had a sleep before we got back to school.